Thursday, 7 January 2010

Who / What / How

I'm absolutely sure that I won't be able to maintain this, so I'll give it a go with a big 'first off'.

I am a Ninja Code Monkey feared on four continents [plus 2 1/2 star systems] for my ability to write code by the power of my erratic mind. Three times [in the last 120 years] the code has actually worked.

My nom-de-net Nagy Vilmos was assumed a while back when I worked in Hungary [my second home now]. Nagy means big and Vilmos is my name in Hungarian. My Boss used to call me 'Big Willy' because his little oxygen starved mind thought it funny. That became NV.

Never At Home is a good description of my life, not just my days. I have [to date] lived across half the world and visited more than 40 countries. My birth country is Singapore, I grew up in the UK, my parents are Irish and to top that Hungary is my second home having fallen in love with the country and its most beautiful citizen. I have a family - who shall be referred to by their names of Mrs Wife, Big and Small - and we travel a lot around our current home in London and through Europe [especially Hungary] during our holidays.

That's it until I write about something mildly interesting or totally irritating.

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